Let it be 1969 News

05: Fifty Years of US Releases

  In this episode, Robert and Richard discuss some of the Beatle novelty recordings of fifty years ago, plus the […]

Back in 2017, SATB featured a conversation with Ken Womack on the publication of volume one of his George Martin […]

The Magic of Collaboration Part One

May 17, 2019 It is not a unique observation to note that bandleader Duke Ellington and The Beatles shared some […]

Something About the Beatles: 167: Apple Jam

Apple Jam is a Seattle-based recording and performing outfit specializing in Beatles music; specifically, songs written by Lennon-McCartney and Harrison […]

The first break-out star at Apple Records was, of course, Mary Hopkin with “Those Were The Days.” A huge international […]

In The Studio; 1967 part two, plus

In which I resume the conversation with engineer/producer Jerry Hammack, begun earlier this year. This time, our sounding board is […]

The Maharishi and The Beatles

Jul 1, 2019 The full story of The Beatles’ Rishikesh visit and their relationship with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi had never […]

Jul 17, 2019 Beginning in 1978, George Harrison became drawn into a vocation he’d only dabbled in previously: filmmaker. HandMade […]

Back in 2017, SATB first explored of Beatles collectors. This year, a terrific addition to Beatle literature arrived with the publication of […]


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