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In The Studio 1968 with Jerry Hammack part two

Oct 5, 2020 As you may recall: back in July, SATB featured the first part of a conversation covering The […]

The Guest List Part 2

Oct 21, 2020 Back in May 2020, my guest Gary Wenstrup and I presented the first half of our conversation, […]

Oct 30, 2020 With so many conflicting accounts and blame laid for the series of events that led to The […]

SATB Special Announcement

I got something to say that won’t cause you pain… Contact Source link

Returning guest Jack Petruzzelli of The Fab Faux has been playing Beatles music onstage all over the world since 1998. […]

254: McCartney, Harrison – It's Complicated

Returning guest Glenn Greenberg (216 Dear Friend; 223 The Beatles 1971 – 1973; 235 Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson at 80) is […]

Nov 24, 2020 This episode features a conversation between Luther Russell and I with producer John Leckie – if you […]

The Beatles As Guitarists with Mike Pachelli

Dec 7, 2020 If you aren’t already aware of this veteran jazz/blues guitarist’s Youtube channel with loads of deconstructions of […]

Paul McCartney Photographs 1963-64: Eyes of the Storm 28 June – 1 October 2023 The National Portrait Gallery, London 1964: […]


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