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Memo To Peter Jackson Part Two

The January 1969 sessions at Twickenham and Apple Studio
are The Beatles gift that keeps on giving. Thoroughly taped and
filmed, it is a rich vein of material to analyze, especially as it
has been chronicled in such a bad light by the group themselves, at
odds with much of the evidence that has surfaced. SATB has examined
the subject numerous times, notably with the two part Winter of
episodes but also two additional episodes featuring
Doug Sulpy (author of the seminal
Drugs, Divorce and a Slipping Image ) and journalist /
blogger Dan Rivkin ( They May Be Parted
) . SATB 158 and SATB

But with the pending autumn release of the new and revised cut of
Let It Be  on its way, we thought it would be a good
time to both summarize and re-examine what there is to work with,
considering that Peter Jackson’s work is bound to stand as THE
final word for a long time on the subject. Further, it is in the
interest of offering a corrective to any public perception that
what is to come will be a “whitewash” (the quotes in circulation
discuss the group’s friendship – as you will hear here, there is
ample support for this, counter to the narrative they themselves
have put out through the years). Dan Rivkin and I discuss (in a
three-hour conversation split over two parts) what we feel are the
important and key documented moments that * should * make the cut
of Jackson’s work.  

Part Two includes: 
~ “Commonwealth”
~ Billy Preston
~ Oldies 

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