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Alan Parsons on Eye In The Sky, Sirius and His GREATEST Albums of the 80s | Professor of Rock

Up next it’s volume 2 of our extensive interview with the maestro of music Alan Parsons on his greatest albums from the 80s and beyond including his hits Eye in the Sky and the sports anthem Sirius Alan engineered the Beatles Abbey Road and Dark Side of the Moon for Pink Floyd. Interview with a master next.

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In this installment of Revelations, It’s volume 2 of our long ranging interview with legend Alan Parsons uber producer/ creator writer and mega maestro He’s worked with Pink Floyd where he won a grammy for his work on Dark Side of the Moon and he helped engineer the last two album by the fab four This is the second part of Alan taking us behind his engaging masterworks as the Alan Parsons Project. as always you’ll be intrigued by his creative output as one of the most interesting figure of the rock era. As we go into this interview I want to thank our sponsor Zenni Eyewear.


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